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Fire Fighting Foam and DCP

AFFF, AFFF-AR, Sodium Bi Carbonate, Mono Ammonia Phosphet



AFFF is Aqueous Film Forming Foam concentrate(AFFF) has characteristic of film forming, due to which flame is rapidly knocked down & sealing of fuel surface is achieved. AFFF is formulated with Fluorinated surfactants, hydrocarbon surfactants and stabilisers to give best performance and long shelf life. Due to presence of Fluorocarbon surfactant the foam has a positive spreading coefficient on the surface of the fuel, giving fast coverage and thereby helping the fire fighters in saving precious time.


AFFF is available in 3 % and 6 % concentrate.

It can be used with fresh water or seawater.

It is suitable for application with standard low expansion foam making equipment like in-line inductors, different types of foam branches, foam monitors etc.

It is recommended for both Civil & Military aviation.

It can be used by rapid intervention crash tenders to give highly improved and guaranteed

protection against fire risks for inflammable liquids.

The high foaming characteristics combined with film forming ability makes it an ideal choice as a rapid extinguishing agent for fighting fires particularly of aviation where speed is very essential and critical.


Alcohol Resistance -AFFF

is a foam concentrate containing polysaccharide, which forms a pseudo plastic film on the surface of the polar solvents.

AR-AFFF forms a cohesive thin polymeric film at the interface between foam and the water soluble Polar solvents. This thin polysaccharide film protects the foam without destruction of aqueous film by polar solvents. The polymeric film has self-sealing characteristics whereby the film, if disturbed gets regenerated by itself.

AR-AFFF forms an aqueous film like AFFF on the surface of hydrocarbon solvents. AR-AFFF is also known as ARC (Alcohol Resistant Concentrate), ATC (Alcohol Type Concentrate), AGFFF (Aqueous Gel Film Forming Foam), MPF (Multipurpose Foam) and UF (Universal Foam).

It exhibits quick fire control and is ideal for prompt intervention.

  • AR-AFFF is available in type 3 x 6% concentrate and 3 x 3% concentrate.
  • It can be used with fresh water as well as seawater.
  • It is also available as Freeze Protected type.
  • It is suitable for application with standard low expansion foam making equipments.
  • It is used in fixed water spray or sprinkler systems to give highly improved protection
  • An ideal choice as a rapid effective extinguishing agent for fighting fires particularly of high risk areas like aviation, petrochemical complexes, refineries and tank terminals.
  • AR-AFFF is also available in freeze-protected range.

We can also Supply Protein Foam, HEF, Hamat Foam, Class K Foam approved by UL, FM, ISI and CE. Please write us info@cfdsolution.com with your requirement we will get back to you.

Dry Chemical Powder

dry-chemical-powder-250x250 (1)


Dry chemical powders are important fire fighting agents as they are stable, free flowing and easy to handle. Various base materials are used to formulate dry chemical powders with single or multiple base. Sodium Bicarbonate is one of the important base in use since very long time. It is still very popular as it provides highly reliable, cost effective and userfriendly extinguishing medium.

Sodium Bi-carbonate base material is mixed with other ingredients to improve the flow characteristics and expelling properties.

Powder is siliconised to impart excellent water repellency.

SBC is suitable for all B & C class fires involving inflammable liquids like petrol, diesel, kerosene, oils, alcohols etc and gases.

SBC powder is suitable for use in all types of portable fire extinguishers, as well as for mobile extinguishers and fixed installations. Dry propelling agents such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide can be used.



Dry chemical powder based on Potassium Allophonate, a reaction product of Potassium Bi-Carbonate–Urea. It was developed, registered and patented by Scientists of ISRO, Dept. of Space-Govt of India. We are licensed to manufacture this product under Technology Transfer Agreement.


It possesses the unique property of decrepitation where powder particles breaks down into large number of minute particles in the flame zone thereby surface area of the powder in the combustion zone increases manifold.

Fire extinguishing efficiency is dependent on the rate of removal of free radicals, which is directly proportionate to the surface area of contact i.e. larger the surface area of powder; faster is the extinguishment.

We can also Supply ABC Type, Class D, TERNARY EUTECTIC CHLORIDE BASE approved by UL, FM, ISI and CE. Please write us info@cfdsolution.com with your requirement we will get back to you.