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Fire Safety Management

Fire Safety Management

The Fire Safety Manual is a complex, strategic document which identifies and demonstrates compliance with legislative requirements placed on designated “responsible persons”. The Fire Safety Manual is bespoke to the building, forms an ongoing history of fire safety management, provides a one stop reference source of information and demonstrates compliance with legislative controls.

The Fire Safety Manual ensures upon audit by the enforcing authority that the detailed information required for the audit process is readily available, current and sufficient to meet the strict requirements of the regulations and avoidance of enforcement action.

Some of the advantages to building owners, managing agents and landlords include:

  • Legislative compliance
  • All building fire safety information in one easy to use manual
  • Minimal action required by the responsible person after completion
  • Saleable commodity
  • A complete “one stop shop” for all fire safety related matters
  • Fire insurers have evidential proof of legislative compliance
  • Legal professional inquiries documented

The Fire Safety Manual includes a statement of intent, details of the fire safety systems,  assessment of risk, an emergency plan, the managerial structures and responsibilities in relation to fire safety, the applied fire safety engineered solution, fire-fighting equipment provision, the evacuation philosophies to include “Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans” for disabled persons  and the maintenance and testing strategies

The most common objectives for a review of evacuation procedures are to either establish if the property can safely accommodate an increased occupancy or to reduce the impact of false alarms on business continuity. CFDS can develop a strategy and set procedures for your premises in order to reduce evacuation times and make procedures resilient to emergency circumstances as far as reasonably practicable.

An expert third-party review is invaluable in testing hidden assumptions and together with analysis and computer simulations can provide insights into how different emergency conditions affect the evacuation.

We provide expert consultancy, including movement simulations and associated software tools to test and refine the new evacuation strategies so that the plan is more robust and effective.
We also seek to make evacuations themselves as safe as possible – evacuations involve large numbers of people moving quickly which carries its own hazards.  Many disasters around the world show that crowds can be dangerous and that small hazards present significant risks when they occur in crowds

Effective fire safety management is a key element in the overall fire safety of a building and its occupants. Managers need to plan effectively to combat the potentially disastrous effects of a fire in their building, and to meet the many requirements placed upon them by various pieces of fire legislation applicable to occupied buildings of all types and uses.

This can be an extremely complex and time consuming task, which is usually only one of many competing priorities facing today’s busy Manager.

CFDS can assist those responsible for fire safety in buildings by providing advice, practical assistance and training on all aspects of fire safety management.

Need of Fire Safety Audit:

Owners/occupiers of a factory/building/business house/hotel/multiplex etc after a thorough fire risk assessment invests considerable amount of money for active & passive fire protection, fire detection & alarm systems to save properties and human lives from ravages of fire. It is also equally important that the owner should ensure that these arrangements will response effectively at the desired level at the time of need. But how he will ensure the compliance? Fire safety audit is the only solution of this problem.Local regulatory Authorities /Insurance companies may also ask to annually carry out fire safety audits of buildings/premises to monitor compliance and fire safety.

An audit is not an assessment of risk, but a compliance review of the safety provisions within the building/factory/business house.


Our Fire Safety Audit shall assess for suitability and compliance the following:

Means of escape, Emergency lighting, Fire fighting equipment, Fire procedures, Fire separation, Fire protection, Flammable storage facilities, recording strategies, Action in case of fire, do’s & don’ts, Training provision,


  • Covers everything you are now required to do.
  • Simple to understand and easy for you to follow.
  • Provides helpful guidance as you work through it.
  • Includes records sheets that you are required to produce by law.
  • Puts your business ahead of your competitors.
  • Enables you to become compliant with the law in a very short time.
  • Has proven questioning techniques that enables you to have a clearer understanding of fire safety.
  • The audits are used to check the current adequacy of fire safety components, services and equipment, report on the expected performance and make recommendations for compliance with fire safety legislation and the requirement of providing a safe workplace.

When a client is unfortunate to suffer a fire within their building they may need the support of an independent fire investigator.

CFDS provides independent support for clients and can carry out fire investigations to assist them with insurance claims, determining the cause of a fire and the reason for fire spread and investigates the reasons for failure of systems or products involved in fire.

Establishing the cause of a fire is an important issue to the person or persons affected by the incident, especially when legal or insurance considerations are involved. We have specialist staff who are able to investigate and determine the cause of fire and, if required, represent the client’s interest in any subsequent dealings with third parties.

We can also analyze the impact of the fire by assessing how well a building performed in a fire, looking at what employees did or didn’t do in relation to fire safety and examining the fire policies and procedures that were in place for the building.

A fire is a traumatic event for those involved either directly or indirectly. Working on our client’s behalf we can take the worry out of what is most likely to be an already stressful time and lessen the impact of the event