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Our Expert Team

DR A K Gupta

AKGDr. ASHOKKUMAR GUPTA, ASHOK KUMAR GUPTA, Advisor of Complete Fire Design Solutions, has servedCentral Building Research InstituteRoorkeefor 35 years. Before his retirement, he was Scientist ‘G’ & Head of the Fire Research Laboratory of the Institute. He has rich experience in the field of Fire Protection & Fire Prevention and Mathematical Modeling of Fire Dynamics. He has associated himself with CFDS and is available for consultation. GUPTA has specialization in Mathematical Modelling of Fire Dynamics, Air Quality Simulation Modelling, Pollution Control in Brick Kilns, Business Development and IPR Management. He has developed many software and models, including CALFIRE, NEST, T-HELP, SAFE-R, SEEM and FIREMAP. He has developed technologies on Automatic Sprinkler System, Automatic Roof Venting System, Pollution Control System for Brick Kilns and Fire Spread Modelling Software. He has also developed many products such as Automatic Sprinkler Head – Fusible link type, Automatic Sprinkler Head – Without yoke arms, Alarm valve for sprinkler system with water gong, Automatic Roof Vent – Gravity balancing type, Abrasion Machine as per BS: 6391 – 1983, Manually Operated Compressor for B.A. Sets. He has three patents to his credit.

GUPTA has completed more than 100 consultancy projects in his professional career. In addition to this, he has carried out several sponsored research projects such as Performance Evaluation of Jayashree RRL Fire Hose, Studies on Newage Fireout RRL Fire Fighting Hose, Investigations on HD Fire Protect Automatic Sprinkler Heads, Investigations on Steelage Minimax Automatic Sprinkler Heads, Investigation of Fire Damaged PU Foam Building, Suitability of Q.B. Sprinklers in Coal Conveyor Plant, Fire Protection Measures at NFL, Guna, Fire Protection Measures at Salar Jung Museum, Spontaneous combustion in Cotton Bales. 

GUPTA has contributed for many International and National publications. Has been awarded Technology Day Invention Award, Rashtriya Udyog Ratan Award, Golden Jubilee Director’s Award (Two times) , KHOSLA  Award for his significant contribution.

He is the Advisor of “Complete Fire Design Solutions”.

Mr. A K Das

AKDMr. Akhil Kumar Das
Advisor of Complete Fire Design Solutions.
Akhil Kumar Das earned his BTech in Chemical Engg from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 1974 and his MS in Fire Protection Engg from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA in 1984 where he was one of the first three graduates of the programme.
Akhil started his work years in 1974 as an Operations and Technical Services engineer at Indian refineries of Assam Oil Company and Indian Oil Corporation where he implemented projects like realignment of crude preheat trains and hydrazine injection in boiler feed water.

Taking a deliberate decision, in 1978, Akhil joined the pioneering Loss Prevention Association of India Ltd. to work in the emerging field of loss prevention. In the next thirteen years, he was instrumental in promoting Fire and Explosion awareness through training, consulting, developing and publishing information and learning materials, major loss investigation etc. His module on Fire Loss Prevention in Refineries has been delivered in most Indian refineries of the time. His writings and investigation reports have been published in Indian and international professional journals. He has also presented papers on his areas of interest in several conferences including those of the American Petroleum Institute and the International Fire Protection Engineering Institute.

In line with his interest in the petroleum industry, Akhil worked on the subject of Safe Separation Distances of Crude Oil Storage Tanks for his Master’s programme thesis. The thesis has been referenced in a landmark textbook on Industrial Fire Protection.

Akhil returned to work in industry in 1991 when he joined Bongaigaon Refinery & Petrochemicals in India and functioned as the Corporate Head of Fire, Safety and Environment functions. During that tenure, he was Chief Safety Officer and Management Representative for implementation of the Environmental Management System meeting ISO 14001 norms. He was responsible for implementing stack and ambient monitoring systems, tertiary effluent treatment and re-use of water project and initiating development of an ecological park based on effluent use.

While in BRPL, Akhil worked as Leader/Member of functional panels of the Oil Industry Safety Directorate under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India, responsible for developing Fire and Safety standards for the Indian Oil Industry. He also served as Member of OISD External Safety Audit Teams.

In his thirst to get wider exposure, Akhil moved to work for Kuwait National Petroleum Company in 2002 where he played a stellar role in developing HSE training systems and procedures, preparing training materials and delivering classroom training to KNPC and contractor employees.

The years in KNPC enhanced Akhil’s interest in imparting HSE knowledge and mentoring younger people. He took this forward when he moved to take up responsibility as Head of Department of Fire Safety Engineering & Management at the International College of Engineering & management in Muscat, Oman in 2008. In the two years that he worked in the college, he brought stability and strength to the department and mentored young Omani students to graduate into working fire professionals.

In 2010, Akhil returned home to India and works as a freelance HSE consultant and trainer with a client base across India and in the Gulf including the Petroleum Training Centre of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. He is empanelled as a Third party Auditor of Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD), Adjunct Faculty at Indian universities, colleges and professional education bodies. He is also Honorary Adviser to several HSE corporates.

Akhil is Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India), Chartered Engineer, Senior Member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and Member of the Salamander Honor Society. He has also been elected Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers (UK).

Mr. H B Patel

HIMANSHUHimanshu Patel Managing Director

GradIOSH, MIFireE, SIIRSM, Msc Fire and Explosion, University of Leeds, UK, Post Graduation Diploma in Fire Protection Engineering, B.Sc. in Fire(Hon’s), CDM.

Email: hpatel@cfdsolution.com

As Managing Director and Senior Fire Safety Engineer, Himanshu is responsible for ensuring Complete Fire Design Solutions always delivers exceptional Fire Safety Engineering solutions, advice and customer service to every client on every project.  He leads and oversees in-house teams on major projects and oversees the management of all projects and employees.

Himanshu is responsible for the sound financial management of the company and ensures its continued development is well balanced and sustainable.Himanshu is a Registered Professional Fire Safety Engineer. As Senior Fire Safety Engineer and Director of Complete Fire Design Solutions, he has been responsible for many leading projects within India and UK, with expertise in the performance based design of residential buildings, assembly buildings, high and low rise offices, shopping centers, educational, government and industrial buildings.

Himanshu has extensive experience with the Building Code of Indian Standards, TAC, NFPA, and British Standards and strong relationships with Local Government Approval Authorities and the Fire & Emergency Services.  He possesses strong negotiation skills and is particularly adept in presenting the more technical and complex aspects of fire safety engineering.

Our team of fire safety engineers posses expertise in following areas.

  • Business and Financial Management.
  • Project and Time Management.
  • Alternative Solutions to meet the Performance Requirements of the Building Code of Indian Standards, TAC, NFPA, British Standards.
  • Presentation and negotiation of Alternative Solutions with Approval Authorities and fire brigade.
  • Assessment of occupant and fire brigade life safety requirements in the event of fire.
  • Analytical evaluation of human life safety.
  • Fire Hazard Assessment.
  • Use of risk analysis to compare the impact of the provision of various fire safety measures on life safety.
  • Fire Growth and Flame Spread Modelling.
  • Numerical modeling of smoke production and movement through the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Zone modeling.
  • Numerical evaluation of structural performance in fire.
  • Determining the level of systems and services required to maintain occupant life safety, provide Fire Brigade intervention as well as property protection.
  • Mitigating fire damage through the use of design, construction and arrangement.
  • Undertaking fire safety assessments against the Building Code of Indian Standards, TAC, NFPA and British Standards.
  • Pedestrian movement modeling to determine evacuation strategies for densely occupied areas.