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Head, Ear, Eye, Face, Hand, Body, Respiratory, fall, feet Protection

personal protective equipment


Eye Protection  – All Types of Goggles

Material :- One piece polycarbonate melded visor with adjustable arm.

Size:- All Size Available  Small, Medium, Large

Color:- Clear, Dark

Features:-  Lateral protection

Application:-  Suitable for riding, general purpose, engineering works. Dust protection, Airports, Industries etc


Head Protection  – All Type of Helmets

Type :- Executive,  workers, visitors etc.

Material:-  Made from light duty 2nd quality H.D.P.E.

Size:-  Standard, Large

Color:- Yellow, Blue, White, red

Features Head measurement and chain strap adjustable. Inside fitting

Approval:- IS : 2925

Application:-  Suitable for all type of construction works, mines and industries.

RespiratorsRespiratory Protection – All Type of Masks, Masks with Filters, BA Sets

Material :- 100 % Non woven material.

Color:- Gray / Yellow.

Features Elastic band, nose clip. Ultra-sonically sealed.

Application Protection against dust, fine particles, food & dairy units, cement factory.

BA Set is available for 30 Minutes and 45 Minutes Duration

3m ear protection

Ear Protection – Ear Plugs, Ear Muffs, Ear Muff with Helmets 

Type:  Ear muff, Ear Plug, Ear Plug with Dispenser

Material Special ABS ear cups & soft cushioned pad.

Color Red, Orange,

Features Light weight, durable, three position adjustable. noise reduction SNR 23

Application Air ports generators, excavation high frequency welding, metal production, mines & fabrication.

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Face Protection – Face Shields

Material Plastic body and acrylic face shield and plastic ring.

Size – Medium, Large, Small

Color: Crown Orange and shield Clear, Wire mesh Shields

Features: Face shield provided with head gear ring.

Application: Full face protecting against chemical splash, grinding, Welding, Cutting etc.


Hand Protection – Gloves 

Type of Gloves – Cotton, Heat Resistance, Dotted, Electrical, Hosiery, Knitted, Leather, PVC, Rubber, Cut Resistance, and Cold Resistance

Suitable For – Material handling, Electrical work etc.

Material – Various material available based on the application used of gloves.


Body Protection – Jackets, Appron, Half and Full Body Cover, various Suits

Types – Leg guard, Hand guard, Rain Suit, lab coat, Rain visibility, Apron PVC, Apron Leather, Chemical suits, work wear, work wear reflective.

Application – To working in Pharmaceutical, construction and various other industries to protect our body.

Features Excellent dexterity, light weight, water proof, protection against cryogenic liquids & other ultra cold environment with stand up to minus 160 degree Celsius.


Fall Protection – Safety Belt, Rope Ladder, Safety Net, Rope with Hook

Harness :- PN KI 01 fitted with 2 Meter. PP rope and snap hook


Application:- Working at height to prevent fall protection

Features:- Chest attachment for tower climbing, dorsal ring fall arrest, thigh & chest straps are adjustable.


Feet Protection – Gum Boots, Safety Shoes, Sport Safety Shoes 

Size – All Sizes from 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Color – Black and Brown

Features –  Aesthetic PU sole oil/acid resistant , anti slip & heat resistant. Toe Protection

Approval –  CE EN 345-1, IS 15298, DGM